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Become your potential

Our inner attitude determines who we are and how we behave.
That is why every change first takes place within ourselves before we and others can perceive it in everyday life.

Change your attitude, and you and the world will follow!

We are often focused «externally» and invest a lot of our valuable energy in the outside world, without really bringing any benefits to ourselves or to others.
By bringing this energy potential back to us, we can find out what we really want and focus on it in our everyday life.

What motivates us…

Nelson Mandela rightly said: „Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.“


Three steps

We often fall in love with the potential in another person, or a situation that has not manifested itself in reality. Why? Because we go into the resonance of our own potential, and this develops a longing in us to implement «it» in real life. In moments like these, we often focus on the problems that situation causes instead of connecting with our resources and recognizing the opportunities and possibilities of a situation.

Specific steps:

The first step towards your goal is to make a clear decision.
Whether your subject is a health, business or relationship issue, it is important to know clearly what you really want, what you don’t want and what you are willing to invest in your own improvement. This often includes the ability to accept inner and outer boundaries favorably.


The second step is to bring your nervous system into a state of balance.
It has been scientifically proven that no lasting constructive changes are possible in a state of chronic stress.

The third and often most demanding step is to apply our knowledge with discipline in everyday life.
This step often means that we have to leave our comfort zone. And sometimes this step involves having to endure temporary emptiness and pain.
This process is about learning humility and devotion that guide us behind the “self” we have known so far.

This journey is individual because it’s about redefining who we are
and to find out where our true potential lies in this life. Humor and creativity will help us achieve this!


You are unique

And I’ll accompany you in a unique way. Together we will find out which of your behaviors are healthy and enable positive changes and which prevent you from implementing your goals or even visions in everyday life.


About me and how I work

For more than twenty years I have been working as a therapist focusing on the influence of the nervous system and cognition/perception on body, psyche and their interactions:
How does the somatic cell store our history, for example?
And how can we, through the power of consciousness, thoughts, and action, change our body down to the cellular level and help shape our surroundings?

Through the stabilization of the nervous system, we reach a state of rest and harmony in us. It is only in this state that we are truly and permanently able to confront our deepest fears and our true potential.

Regardless of which level we work on: my work is always an accompaniment and inspiration shaped by the appreciation of your personal history and its resources.

We are also working in these areas:

  • Coaching / systemic, solution-oriented consulting (according to the methods of de Shazer, Satir, Erikson, Watzlawick)
  • Bodywork (massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy)
  • Meditation (kundalini and chakra).

My most important qualifications and further education are:

Diplom as a Massage-Therapist at the Schools of Cellsan / Bio Medica / Oexle Massage Schools

Physical therapy training in craniosacral osteopathy with:
Dr. Rudolf Merkel in Zurich, in particular, neurovisceral osteopathy with Dr. Harald Faltz (Hamburg), also at the School of Body Therapies in Zurich with Olaf Korpiun, and at the Colorado Institute Zurich with Dr. Robert Norett (Los Angeles).

Systemic Training:
At the Institut Aarau with Werner Herren in solution-oriented short-term consulting / NLP and with Phyllis Krystal symbol work (active imagination according to C. G. Jung).
At the Institute for Ecological Systemic Therapy Zurich, further education in systemic couple therapy.

Introduction to trauma therapy with Ellert Nijenhus (treatment for dissociative disorders).

Seminars in death accompaniment and grieving work with Jorgos Canakakis and Gabriel Looser.

Meditation has been a part of my life since my youth, I have dealt with the different practices of bhakti, chakra meditation, kundalini meditation, zen and breathing techniques. In India (especially Varanasi) I meditated with many Sadhus, exchanged experiences and laughed with all my heart.

The teachings of Krishnamurti, Osho and in recent times of Anandamyi Ma have always accompanied and inspired me. But also here: Meditation is an individual way, we can experience meditative states anywhere and regardless of technique and teacher. Presence, devotion, and humility are the keywords in everyday life!

Main areas of experience:

  • Pain treatment, especially chronic pain
  • Treatments after accidents and surgery
  • Pelvis and jaw connection
  • Burnout prophylaxis / therapy / aftercare
  • Psychosomatics: pain / dissociation/ fatigue
  • Identification
  • IVF support
  • Couple counselling

Let’s find out together how we match:
I am looking forward to your call ( 044 422 26 01 ) to discuss your concerns and my individual offer for you personally.

Info & Contact

Let’s get in contact!

+41 44 422 26 01

And this is where you’ll find me:

Zenka Ressiga
Forchstrasse 92
8008 Zürich

Take the elevator to the 6th floor

Please note:

Your first investment amounts to CHF 250,- for the first consultation of 75-90 minutes. Each additional session lasts 50 minutes for CHF 170,-

Please, to be paid in each time in cash or with EC-Card / Mastercard / Visacard.

Individual physical therapy treatments can be covered by the supplementary insurance. If you wish to receive this reimbursement, please check with your health insurance company before making an appointment.

Unfortunately, coaching and meditation are not covered by medical insurance and are not reimbursed.

If something comes up: Sessions must be canceled at least two working days (Mon.-Fri.) before the appointment. Otherwise, I have to charge them in full.


As a cardiologist and psychotherapist, I have been referring patients to Mrs. Ressiga for many years and I am always enthusiastic about her empathy and her ability to feel and understand people. This combined with her broad knowledge of psychology and coaching as well as osteopathy allows her to meet the patients holistically. And the positive feedback from the patients tells me that I’m absolutely right.

Dr.med. Schlomo Aschkenasy

Through more than 15 years, a very close and extraordinary meaningful cooperation has developed.
I find it especially impressing how the healing process, on a psychological as well as on physical level, has taken place trough resolving energetic blocks.
Even in cases where it seemed impossible. I am thankful.

Eva Dax, Zurich


Energy Work / Body Therapy

Mrs. Ressiga has magical hands. After being treated by her I feel relaxed and free!

A.G., Vitznau


Coaching / Professional and Private Orientation

I finally know what I want!
I am always under pressure, exhausted, and without a plan for my future. For these reasons, I asked Zenka Ressiga for help. I wanted to find out: Should I start a new apprenticeship? Start a family? Or follow my art or dance projects?

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At the same time, there were many things in my life that drained me of energy. I would have liked to have invested in the realization of my dreams. I felt blocked.
But Zenka Ressiga’s coaching was just right for me. She asked me many central questions and helped me to recognize and eliminate unnecessary energy guzzlers. She and her methods also taught me how to empathize with myself and recognize what I really wanted. And what not. I can build on that now. Making decisions is now easier than ever – thanks to the exercises that I can now do at home on my own. Day after day I go my way towards a better quality of life and happiness.

V.N. 31, Bern

Journalist / Dance Teacher

Coaching / Mindfulness

I call Zenka Ressiga my “energy woman”. In the last 10 years, she has successfully supported me with very different approaches. I greatly appreciate that she is able to help me with physical complaints (e. g. shoulder or abdominal pain) with massages and reflex zone therapy, as well as to treat inner restlessness with visualizations and meditation. Zenka Ressiga has an amazing sense of empathy and I leave her with more buoyant steps after each treatment.

MR, 54


Professional Coaching / Self-Management / Strengthening of your own Potential

Fatigue determined my day. From session to session with Mrs. Ressiga it became increasingly clear that my energy was „stolen” by many situations in my life. We analyzed these things individually and worked out the resources in me and a specific situation. I was able to pass old and no longer valid behavior patterns. Today I can also get into a state of mind to look at myself from the outside and to weigh up what is right for me and what is wrong.

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It is difficult to put this feeling into words. It is best to find out for yourself and enjoy the many advantages when someone helps you to learn more about yourself and your inner self.

B.E. 30, Zurich

Kader Management

Couple Therapy

When we first went to Mrs. Ressiga, we were desperate for solutions to resolve issues that threatened our marriage.
She was open to both of us and asked many questions to determine what our feelings were and what we wanted to achieve. Each time we walked away from a session, we learned more about ourselves and each other and how our behavior impacted the other.

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Her neutral ways of couples’ therapy kept each of us wanting to go back.
Happily, we resolved our issues and were sent off to practice the new „techniques” with the option of return visits. Anything is an ongoing process.
We are happier than ever with the quality our lives greatly improved.
Mrs. Ressiga is a top-notch counselor. My husband and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Coaching – Wish for a Child / Body Therapy

Zenka Ressiga was recommended to me by a mutual friend after the premature birth of my daughter and several miscarriages.
At that time, I had lost all confidence in my body and his ability to keep another pregnancy and wanted to free myself from the fixation on another child. After just a few sessions my physical condition improved, I felt less tense and had the feeling of having found an inner balance again.

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The coaching sessions, which helped me to change my point of view and to look at things differently than before, became more and more frequent.
The sessions with Mrs. Ressiga have played a decisive role in helping me to regain my physical and mental balance and helped me to deal with the desire of having children and pregnancy in a much more relaxed way. I sincerely thank her for that.


Wish for a Child / Accompaniment at IVF

Zenka Ressiga was recommended to me by Kinderwunsch Coaching Zürich. The recommendation was worth its weight in gold! I am firmly convinced that I would not be a mother without Zenka today. She accompanied me during the IVF period with love and energy. I will keep the many conversations and images in good memory.

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I am still working with my heart space today, and I still apply the powerful “change” to change processes. Even after this intense time, I sometimes treat myself to an hour of Zenka’s treatment and get pampered with craniosacral osteopathy or foot massage.

A.S., Zurich

Head of HR

Burnout Prevention

I was looking for help because of back pain, stress, lack of energy and poor sleep quality.
I had a big improvement in all areas and I felt I have received a lot of positive energy!
I have appreciated Zenka’s capacity to listen and to search for effective solutions to improve my life quality!

D.E. 47, Zurich

Business Analyst

Pain therapy after shoulder surgery

I hurt my shoulder during a boxing match and had to undergo surgery.
Despite weekly sessions at the physiotherapist and the doctors telling me everything was fine, I was still under pain.
A training partner suggested to consult Zenka Ressiga.

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A discussion at the beginning of each session leads to the understanding how and when the pain comes.
Then Zenka Ressiga manually scans for muscle tenseness and releases it. While I can focus fully on my breathing.
After every treatment I feel balanced, relaxed and happy.
Thanks to the treatment my pain is gone. And I am fascinated that I am much more relaxed on a personal level as well.
Things don’t stress me as fast as before and I have accepted that there are things that I can’t change. But grow by them.

E.P. , 20 years, Basel

Pain Therapy / Vitality

Six years ago I suffered a LWK 1 rupture fracture (bone fracture in the spine) as a result of a serious traffic accident. The fracture had to be operationally stabilized from the front and back. Despite a well-healed fracture, I have been suffering from lumbar back pain since the accident. Not only is the chronic pain problem a burden, but the resulting exhaustion makes my everyday life more difficult.

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I found the treatment with Mrs. Ressiga to be extremely pleasant, safe, understood, relaxing and healing. In the conflict with my body, I felt after each treatment a little more “whole”.
Together with Mrs. Ressiga, I was able to speak from the soul, place my fears, discuss my worries and look for solutions. Ms. Ressiga treated my acute back and neck pain with craniosacral osteopathy and foot reflexology massages. This form of therapy rapidly improved my body sensation. After each session, I got on the tram and had the desire to participate in life and to do something good for myself.

The treatment reduced my acute pain and gave me the knowledge of how to deal with my chronic pain in everyday life. The discussions gave me energy and with the help of Mrs. Ressiga, I learned to understand and accept myself and the situation I was in.
With this energy, I was able to take much more part in life.
I am very grateful for this positive way of life I am having now. Mrs. Ressiga did not only treat my painful body regions but also worked with me on my personality, which helped me a lot.
I gladly recommend Mrs. Ressiga.

f/n, 28

Pain Therapy / Neuralgia

After a long search for help to relieve the pain of trigeminus, a friend of mine told me about Mrs. Ressiga.
I came directly from the hands of a neurologist and the neuralgia was only perceptible as a dull feeling due to strong medication, but the whole thing was still very sensitive.

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Mrs. Ressiga’s reception was very cordial, in a neat, bright and orange-scented atmosphere.
The conversation before the treatment was very intense, and she asked me specific questions that brought many memories, emotions, and feelings to the surface. During the conversation, I slowly got an overview of my feelings and knew that I was sitting in the right place, at the right time and with the right person. After, I was laying on the lounger, calmly and full of trust. The orange scent became more intense and Mrs. Ressiga’s voice sounded as if it was from a story. My whole body relaxed, and I was just calm. I had lost this feeling after weeks of pain and this realization touched me very much. The facial pain was completely gone and has been gone since the treatment. I was able to stop all the medication immediately!
Thanks to our perfect cooperation, I have found peace and quiet again. I am very grateful to Mrs. Ressiga.

S.D. from Zug

Headaches and Neck Pain / Prevention

Why I actually came to see her…
I suddenly had bad headaches. I also have migraines, but these headaches were of a different nature: They sometimes lasted 1-2 weeks, I was nauseous, and it was really very unpleasant. I had not yet experienced them in such a way.

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I hesitated to go to the orthodox medical practitioner because I was afraid of all the examinations and they probably wouldn’t find anything anyway. A friend recommended Zenka to me.
Zenka listened to everything I said and then asked me to lie down on the couch. She stood behind me, slightly touched my head and asked if this was the kind of pain. At that moment the headache started to roll over me again! After the treatment, she asked me if I had a rear-end collision. And in fact, I had had one six months earlier. She then explained to me that my neck vertebrae are oblique because of it.
It took three treatments and I never got this kind of headache again!
And why I still see her regularly…
I have an appointment with her every 6-8 weeks, even without physical discomfort. It just feels good to be treated by Zenka. It feels as if she cleans up your body energetically, straightens it and builds it back up. The foot reflexology massage is particularly relaxing! After the treatments, I am completely relaxed and completely calm.

N/H, 48, Zurich


Back Pain

I came to Zenka Ressiga for back pain. The treatment followed after a brief diagnostic interview. She finds the tense spots and loosens them with a soft yet powerful touch. She sometimes works in the mouth to loosen the jaw muscles and mobilize the jaw joint. The foot reflexology massage also contributes to relaxation. After Zenka Ressiga’s treatments, I feel more relaxed and comfortable in my body.

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She also gave me tips on how to improve my everyday posture. She sees the connection between physical and emotional tensions and puts it in context with psyche and behavior. I liked that a lot.
She also took into account the fact that I am a pianist and that my body plays a very important role in my profession, she has handled it extremely well.

C.H., Zurich


Energy Work / Craniosacral Osteopathy

As a concert singer, I see Zenka Ressiga’s treatments (craniosacral osteopathy) as part of my ‘instrument maintenance’ – Any tensions in the physical or mental area are quickly dissolved and if my power-battery becomes low, it is refreshed and fully recharged by the high energetic value of these fine-sensory and deep-acting treatments.

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The solid, physiotherapeutically qualified professional background of Ms. Ressiga and her artistic mastery of other techniques, such as lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology massage, are further great advantages – the treatment can have a comprehensive yet targeted effect on the given situation and achieve an optimal effect.



Support after Oncological Surgery / Convalescence

Mrs. Ressiga and I came into contact through a fortunate coincidence when I recovered from an extensive tumor operation. She accompanied me (with cranio, reflexology, consultations and valuable advice) during the subsequent medical therapies and throughout the entire recovery process with great empathy and was/is of central importance for me on my healing path and beyond.

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I am indescribably glad and grateful to have met Mrs. Ressiga. Her therapeutic abilities, her deep knowledge and her almost clairvoyant instinct for her opposite are extraordinary – I am convinced that Mrs. Ressiga has been a major factor in my body’s regeneration.
The therapy sessions in the beautiful ambiance of the treatment room are simply wonderful for body and mind and each time they are centering, calming and at the same time revitalizing.

S.J., 34


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